Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ask Her, She's the Boss!

When engaging clients at the start of a new project we will interview couples to learn more about their objectives. We often learn that He has inevitably been dragged along the designer road to beautification. Ultimately, He knows that the final say on the new “look” is not up to him. Men generally will say that they are there to keep an eye on the budget... and to make sure their favorite old chair finds its way into the wonderful, new, updated space. It’s his simple need that surfaces.

Old Chair...
In these cases, the simple fact is that when you make Her happy, you make everyone happy. Women are often focused on the overall details, how the space will look, and how the space will function. Will she be able to see the kids in the backyard if we open up that wall in the kitchen? Will having extra shelving space installed in the closet allow her to keep her shoes and accessories for easy access? Will their guests be comfortable in the new surroundings? She not only wants to improve her life but the rest of the family members living there.

Building the client working relationship with Her while not completely sidelining Him can be a delicate balance. It is an important aspect of any project. For Him, remember to focus on technical specifications and other details he is excited about. Don’t forget to ask Him what he doesn’t like. Focus on meeting Her needs and design the space that she desires. When she gets what she wants, they will all be happy. Always ask her…She's the boss!

And about that old chair…If an updated model does happen to resurface, surprise him. Men love surprises…

Surprise Him with the GRANGE Club Armchair...

Keith Quiggins and Lora McKinnon both work in Saratoga, CA

Keith Quiggins

Senior Interior Designer
Timeline Design Saratoga, CA

As an interior designer who specializes in whole house remodeling, Keith Quiggins has an endless amount of creativity. His passion for his work comes through with each new project. Specializing in remodeling, kitchen, baths, and custom cabinetry. He is extremely detail oriented and a master at developing warm friendly family spaces that satisfy clients.


Lora McKinnon
Interior Designer
Lora McKinnon Designs Saratoga, CA

Lora McKinnon has spent many years developing the vision for whole house remodeling. She has passion for taking old homes and building character within the existing walls. She is passionate about updating floor plans, rearranging rooms, and redesigning front elevations to arrive at a gorgeous finished product, inside and out. Kitchen and bath design are also her specialty.

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