Friday, February 24, 2012

A Little French Gourmet for Inspiration


Design inspiration can happen anywhere—in my case, bakeries.

I was recently influenced by a gourmet trend. In many magazines and boutique bakeries today you may notice tiny colorful cookie cakes to entice a sweet tooth. These popular Parisian macaroons come in many flavors and gorgeous saturated colors. For me, these little desserts sparked a new design concept. An assortment of flavors tucked into a narrow box inspired a whimsical custom finish design for my interpretation of a Grange chest of drawers.

A visit to the famous Laduree patisserie on Paris’ Champs-Élysées displays a stunning rainbow collection of these tiny round cakes and is candy to a designer’s eye. The brilliant hue variety includes Pistachio, Coffee, Black Currant, Violet, Lemon, Vanilla and Raspberry! Unfortunately, sweet euphoria was short lived as each cake was quickly devoured after purchase. Although the memorable trip and sugary delight can now be enjoyed indefinitely buy applying Grange’s dramatic finishes to an inheritance worthy furniture piece.


What gourmet treats will inspire you?


Cheryl Scarlet

Cheryl Scarlet studied interior design in Texas and has been in the interior design field for 11 years. Upon relocating to Denver, Colorado she began Design Transformations, Inc. in 2005.

Cheryl’s design style is best described as “at home”. Focusing on residential interiors, every detail of a home is evaluated. She believes every home should be a place of comfort and you should be surrounded by items you love. Her concept of transforming your space is approached by classic design fundamentals with an innovative twist.

“I enjoy giving my clients a comfortable haven fit for their lifestyles, while also creating an invigorating and modern atmosphere. My ultimate goal is to have happy and fulfilled clients that love the spaces they live in.”

Cheryl Scarlet, Allied ASID

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