Friday, May 11, 2012

Printemps at GRANGE Chicago

Printemps at the GRANGE Chicago Showroom


GRANGE Chicago welcomed designers, clients, friends and co-workers to a spring event showcasing 3 new designer vignettes. To accompany the designer vignette unveiling, Don Crost, who designed the Wood & Patinas in Harmony vignette, presented: “Shifting out of Neutral,” which emphasized the importance of color--especially when it comes to the client. Crost went on to explain that by knowing your clients’ culture and background, being able to guide them to the right piece or finish will help tremendously. He also discussed how to effectively blend wood and color finishes even on those classic, period pieces that can often be so dull. See how he fused color and wood finishes below.

The 3 Designer Vignettes:

Wood & Patinas in Harmony by Don Crost

Modern Tendencies by Valerie Steil

Natural Authenticity by Susan Slad

Showroom manager Zoe Martyniuk was pleased with the positive feedback from the event and looks forward to NEOCON on June 11-13th.  GRANGE’s new custom finishing program, MY GRANGE, will be the highlight.

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