Monday, May 21, 2012

GRANGE Furniture Featured at ONLYLYON Event

Industry professionals, media and ambassadors were invited to come together on May 17th for Esprit des Sens, an event to celebrate and promote French lifestyle  in New York. ONLYLYON organized the event as a way to spread the word about the French city of Lyon to a targeted audience while displaying Lyon-based products. GRANGE was invited to participate because the GRANGE factory is located directly outside of Lyon. Several GRANGE pieces decorated the Skyroom at Alliance Française, where the event was held. Guests were able to experience Lyon through savory cheeses, wine and crunchy praline tart by François Payard. A few shots from the evening are seen below.


  1. It's so pretty pieces above! I loved above all images and the particularly loved the flower stencils too much and I think it'd be great present to my daughter moreover, will be great match with her existing white bedroom furniture and hope to do so. Anyway, thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

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