Thursday, February 16, 2012

Endless Possibilities with the GRANGE 1904 Counter Cabinet

Guest Bloggers:
Melissa Moore & Christine Schurr

The GRANGE 1904 Counter Cabinet is versatile and functional while combining solid oak and aged metal and aluminum to merge creative design with beautiful materials. It is catching the eye of some hot designers, for its attractive, hip, and uber functional design. This piece is solid oak, and offered in a heavily or lightly distressed limed oak finish. The cabinet can fit a traditional, rustic, or modern aesthetic.

A wealth of storage is this beauty’s claim to fame. With eight drawers, and open shelving on the bottom, the 1904 counter cabinet could house the wares of several rooms in your abode.

In efforts to expand on the 1904 Counter Cabinet, guest bloggers and GRANGE showroom managers, Christine Schurr (Troy, MI) and Melissa Moore (San Francisco, CA), highlight its many uses and capabilities. The dynamic design of the 1904 Counter Cabinet is fully utilitarian with its solid construction of washed and distressed oak.

In A Kitchen… Can you imagine this piece as a kitchen island? Its durability would lend itself well to the wear and tear of a busy kitchen. The lower shelves would be perfect for pans, cookie sheets, or platters, while the drawers could house all of your utensils, linens, and kitchen tools. The extra work surface and multitude of drawers will fit the bill for all of your cooking and baking prep station needs.

In A Children’s Room… This piece could be an excellent addition to a child’s room based on its durability and the fact that it is already pre-distressed. No need to worry about those nicks and scratches that will inevitable occur. There is plenty of drawer space for games, toys, art materials, and great stash areas below for anything else.

In An Office or Workspace… An office or craft room would benefit from the storage and surface space this piece affords. A couple of designers have commented on the fact that the cabinet would be an amazing work space for their studios, once again utilizing the drawers for fabric samples, and all other “tools of the trade”. Floating in the center of an office area, partners could easily access the contents from both sides, and the top could serve as a useful area to review layouts, projects, and plans. Pop a stool at either end to pull up and go to work!

In A Closet… Wouldn’t this be an ideal organizational piece for the closet of your dreams? Your belts, scarves, accessories, and personal garments would have rightful homes. These shallow drawers mean no more digging. Your favorite fashion accompaniments are a drawer pull away, while the bottom shelf is just the right height for pumps, and the shelf above it would be well-suited for flats.

In A Gardening Shed… If you had the luxury of having your very own potting shed, wouldn’t this be a wonderful piece? Imagine Martha Stewart gingerly tending her orchid plant atop this useful surface. All your spades, hand rakes, gloves, and small tools would be at your fingertips, but cleanly out of sight. Apply a coat of tung oil, for water resistance.

Guest Bloggers:

Melissa has been in showroom management since for almost 30 years and has specifically worked for several furniture and fabric showrooms at the San Francisco Design Center. She loves working with the designers and their clients, and watching projects come together with the use of colors, textures, fabrics, and certain pieces of furniture. For San Francisco-based and surrounding area inquiries, call Melissa at 415.863.6406.

Christine is the Grange Showroom Manager at the Michigan Design Center in Troy. She studied Studio Art at Michigan State University, and has always held a passion for art and design. Christine enjoys cooking, snowboarding, reading, and antiquing in her spare time. She is working on her own house project, and has included several Grange pieces in the design. For Michigan-based and surrounding area inquiries, call Christine at 248.649.9372.

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